The Artist

Art is a part of Nancy’s soul. Her father was a jazz enthusiast and creative genius and her mother was a student of style and graceful etiquette. Nancy’s passion for design and “All things beautiful,” blossomed when she was in her late 20’s. The Fort Worth designer did not discover her passion for jewelry until years later.

Every year Nancy treated herself to a custom designed necklace from a local high-end retailer. One day a coworker, after seeing her extensive jewelry collection invited her to a bead and jewelry show. Before the event was over she decided to create her next piece as a gift to herself. From that moment, Nancy has launched herself to design status and creates jewelry that commands attention from an adoring and loyal following of clients. “I can see something, a color or art form and I think to myself, I can translate that into a piece of jewelry. If I love it I believe other women will as well—we all cherish beauty.”

Her creations of semi precious stones can be found in some of the top boutiques throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2003, this emerging jewelry designer spends countless hours in her home studio stringing beads, placing stones and clasping jewels into scintillating collections of stunning necklaces, striking bracelets and delightful earrings that can accessorize any outfit with elegance and aplomb.