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Host A Nancy Garland Exclusive Trunk Show

Many devoted and loyal Nancy Garland Exclusive [NGE] Women desire to host trunk shows
for their friends. Usually, the event is held in the home or, the host may choose another trendy
location, after which the process is simple! The hostess selects the date and time of the show,
discusses and confirms that date with NGE staff. Most NGE Trunk shows are held in the evening
or during the late afternoons if planned on the weekend. The trunk show is usually slated for two
hours. The rest is savior faire!

  • Hostess e-mails invitation list to NGE at
  • NGE will send an electronic invitation out to your guests
  • NGE will manage invite responses and confirm with you a final list of attendees
  • Most hostesses like to provide wine and cheese for guests but this is optional.
    Some sort of light fare is always appreciated by your guests.
  • Hostesses receive a free pair of earrings, 25% off of purchase that day
    and mention on Facebook or Twitter
  • After the trunk show NGE will follow up with thank you notes to each invitee