Stone Jewelry: More Than Just an Accessory

Stones in any capacity are used for building, and our stones, in addition to being used as an aesthetic, are also used to build the body and mind.  Not only do they have uniquely beautiful qualities, but they also have healing properties and different powers.

Here are a few of our favorites that help our ladies command attention and realize new energies.

Canary with Stones

Agate – in its many various forms, it balances ying-yang, opens ones creative talents, and imparts strength and courage.

Amber – purifies body, mind and spirit that also provides positive soothing energy.

Amethyst – sedative energy facilitates spirituality and contentment, which is excellent for meditation.

Citrine – creates positive energy, warmth, joy and optimism while dissipating negative energy.

Garnet – reflects commitment, devotion, love, stability and order.

Jade – encourages harmony, peace, fidelity and confidence.  This is a wonderful dream stone.

Lapis lazuli – exposes knowledge, wisdom, perfection, protection and creative expression.

These are just a few of the stones used in the creation of our necklaces that bring different energies and confidences to you and those around you.

The element that brings everything together is the inclusion of a beautiful clasp with quality craftsmanship and unique design.

This is what timeless fashion is all about.

The NGE Woman

The NGE Woman

If you are looking for statement jewelry, wearable works of art that makes you feel and look good, then follow me – Nancy Garland – on our NEW NANCY GARLAND EXCLUSIVE website and social media.

You can become a NGE woman by wearing fabulous jewelry that is unique and one of a kind. Many are made with semi-precious stones that are not only beautiful, but many of the stones have been known and said to have healing and soothing properties for centuries.

We are excited and reaching out to you to be daring, to be brave to be beautiful. Remember don’t anaylze your look or yourself to a point of being paralyzed. Know that YOU ARE WOMAN. Allow NGE to enhance what is already there.

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