Intensely Personal Jewelry

Intensely Personal Jewelry

While I was reading my book on Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection it struck me how intensely personal she found her collection to be. She spoke of how her beautiful pieces of jewelry invariably stirred up memories and also reminded her of some truly outrageous times. It made me think that my jewelry does the same for me. It is like listening to that favorite song and having a romantic memory.

Ms. Taylor stated and I quote “above the importance of the jewelry is the emotional and psychological. The best things are loved but not possessed for we are all temporary custodians of beauty”. The moral of this story is that, while most of us will never possess the magnitude of a collection such as her’s, it does not matter what your financial status is for those of us who are jewelry lovers. Choose pieces that reflect who you are, the statement you want to make and the look you want. It’s personal to you, so be innovative and know you feel and look fabulous.

Remember: there is no other woman like a NGE woman.

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